WOYWW 431 - What's on your workdesk Wednesday?


I hope you are having a good Wednesday, I'm later with my post today as I'm in recovery-stage.  I broke my collarbone last week - I wish there was an exciting tale to tell but there isn't, I bumped my shoulder, I thought it was badly bruised - it wasn't.  Obviously typing and working is just not happening, so I can only really do stuff one handed.  I have been using craft as a way to keep myself from going crazy.  As you can see this is not a true Wednesday photo - as per the wine! 

Kit and Clowder's Facebook page has reached 15,000 members - how incredible is that? It's a great community for encouraging colouring and getting great feedback.  We had a members party to celebrate where Alyce gave a massive amount away and held so many competitions.  We really are so lucky! 

One of the stamps she was giving away is what I have used to create these two cards.  

I went over the top girly cute on this one, sequins, pastels, ribbon, gems, glitter and clouds! Oh and a doily.  How adorable is this stamp though? I love it! I am really going to have to shake myself to get away from too many unicorns, maybe I'll do a challenge, a box card and no unicorns is my remit.  

I am really loving this cloud die too, they can be used for so many different projects.  They were a great eBay-investment.

My next effort, a bit more solid on the colours and rainbow, still a lot of pretty fuss though! I'm not even ashamed, I love it. 

And a little sideways look!

Please take a look at Julia's great blog, where we stalk desks from all over the world and if you are new to colouring, please stop by Kit and Clowder, Alyce does a free 101 Markers class which is a great starting point for beginners.

Thanks for visiting me - don't forget to comment so I can come visit you too! Lyns xx


Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Lynsey, I hope your collar bone mends soon and that you are fully back in action. That is such a cute stamp and both cards are great (not at all over the top). Happy WOYWW Sarah #19

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Lynsey, I LOVE the cards, the stamp and those gorgeous backing papers. I do hope your collarbone doesn't take too long to heal. I broke my shoulderblade( right side) a few years ago, actually snapped off the bit that the rotator cuff attaches to, and have to have it in a splint for 6 weeks. It becomes a trial seeing how many things you can adapt to doing left handed! Even now though, I still use my mouse lefthanded as a result. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxX

Helen said...

Ouch! I broke my collarbone many years ago (got knocked over by a moped) and it HURTS! take care. Helen #1

May said...

OUCH!!! To the collar bone... I hope the pain eases soon... Love your beautiful cards and the images are so cute... Happy WOYWW...May #10

Lindart said...

Ouch! So sorry you broke your collarbone - sounds very painful! Even if you had said the wine was breakfast, I would have understood! Sounds like you belong to an awesome group! Have a great week, thanks for sharing! Lindart #31

Angela Radford said...

What a gorgeous card! Hope you are feeling better soon. Hope you have a very happy WOYWW, Angela x14x

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Lynsey you poor thing. I broke a collarbone as a child and remember the pain and the inconvenience, there is so much you can't do...I feel for you. And then you show these beautiful cards - not much to hold you back! I love a Unicorn, I can't imagine any overkill on your part. Wonderful colouring.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Sometimes we just have to embrace the sparkly, colouriness and rainbowosity and your card is gorgeous 😍 So sorry to hear about your collarbone, hope it doesn't take too long to heal.
Hugs LLJ 8 xxx