Kit & Clowder Monthly Class October 2017

Hi Everyone, 

I apologise for the absence, I caught the cold and have had too much going on in my home life to keep up with the blog.  I'm back on the case now.  

The above image is from the latest Kit and Clowder monthly colouring class, I really enjoyed colouring this.  Alyce breaks down each section you colour into separate chapters and it makes it seem so much more 'doable'.  In this image the first chapter is your penguins, which are from Whimsy Stamps.  You begin colouring the penguins bodies and feet, the second chapter is their clothing and accessories.  The two chapters together is about 1hour 20 mins of video which is perfect for me to cope with.  Doing it all at once might've been a bit too much for me.  I am looking forward to working on the rest of the image which is again broken down into further chapters, it's not just one chapter called background.  

If you are looking to improve your colouring and learn art fundamentals and techniques I really really recommend signing up to Alyce's classes.  She's really patient and offers positive feedback along with everyone in the facebook group, it's a positive learning environment where beginners are welcomed and encouraged.  

Hopefully my colouring will look somewhere close to this when I'm done! 😁

Thanks for visiting my blog everyone, Lyns xx

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