About Me

Hey Guys,

I am Lynsey, or just Lyns if you know me and if you know me really well, you might know me as Nay.  I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.  I started crafting some time ago when my lovely Danish friend Tina showed me some of her home made cards, I bought some bits and pieces at a market in Copenhagen then played around when I got home.  At the time cardmaking wasn't as big in the UK so it was a bitty difficult to get things here.  Once I found the docrafts website, I was hooked... advice, inspiration, great new friends... all just a click away!  I am now well and truly addicted to stamping, I love Copics and almost every card I make these days has a stamp coloured with copics.

Aside from crafting, I love reading... I am the sort of person that will read a book several times if I really like it.  I am a big Marian Keyes fan and I'm addicted to the Twilight Saga - yes some of you will be shaking your heads and I used to be like that too!  I enjoy reading all kinds of books, some of my favourites are Trainspotting, Primal Fear, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and a whole bunch of others.  I am really into music too, I love all kinds of music and for me to make even a small list would be impossible. I guess I'd say I am most into my Hip Hop and R'n'B but I really do like everything, I believe I could challenge everyone to find at least one song they like in my playlist. 

Me as a person, well I guess I could say I am a bit quirky and odd.  I unfortunately suffer with a few nuances like OCD, anxiety and depression, but right now I'm in a good place with my health. If only I could get the chub off! 😋 I like to eat a lot.  I like things that are a bit out there and different, things that other people think are hideous I fall in love with.  I love the comic book style.  I love superheros, but also Zombies, they are coming people - don't deny it.   So as no surprise my favourite TV series is The Walking Dead, who couldn't love Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln?!  Netflix is also my new best friend.  

I try to keep as active as possible, I love pole dance, well any dance but I do pole dance classes at the moment. I also take flex classes and attended a flex camp in May 2017 with my class buddies and it was so good.  Here is me - the first to arrive and Molly a blur going past investigating.

So I've given you the general jist of me, you probably can gather from my day to day ramblings, I'm a bit dosey but I'm generally happy go lucky.  I just want everyone to get along and there to be as little stress as possible. 

Hope you like visiting me - please say Hi! I love making new friends!  Lyns xxx