This maniac is Molly - also known as Bat-Dog.  She's the happiest dog in the world (look at that smile).  If ever I am having a rubbish day - I look at this picture and smile.  Especially because there's a bit of grass sticking out the side of her mouth. 

Molly is a typical lab, she is greedy, eats anything (things that were never ever intended for eating sometimes), she also loves to swim.  

Molly is now a fully fledged Model, she loves to wear a bandana which can double up as a cape for when she's Bat-Dog.  If you would like to purchase your dog a cape, I mean bandana, check out Pet Pooch Boutique - here you will see Molly in action, Modelling some of the goods.

She makes me smile/laugh and sometimes cry when she's doing something she shouldn't be.  Molly really is my best friend, she has rare moments when she just takes time to lie down and enjoy the sun, which allows me to capture a beautiful photograph like this one. 

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Lynda Beazley said...

OOH Molly is GORGEOUS! I am the proud owner of a very similar looking lab too called Maddie. Shes an old girl now at 12 and a half. She snores loudly, dribbles, loves mud, eats stuff she shouldn't and smells but I love her.
Have a happy week
Lynda B WOYWW 24